HP DesignJet T930 Plotter series

36-inch (914 mm), 6-ink plotter for professional-quality CAD and GIS applications.

  • Integrated 50-page output stacking tray, true front roll loading

  • Up to E/A0 size; D/A1-size prints in 21 seconds

  • Six Original HP inks with cartridges up to 300 ml

  • Parallel file processing with 64 GB virtual memory¹

  • Security protocols including IPSec, 802.1x, SNMPv3, PIN printing, and more²

  • iOS and Android™³ compatibility with HP Mobile Printing⁴

HP designJet t930 plotter boost team productivity and enhance security

HP designJet t930 is 914-mm (36-inch), 6-ink printer for professional-quality CAD and GIS applications


QUALITY—Your projects, presented at their best


● DesignJet t930 plotter six Original HP inks produce a wide color gamut ideal for color graphics.

● Original HP gray and photo black inks achieve precise line accuracy, dark blacks, and true neutral grays.

● Make your architectural prints shine with professional, high-resolution graphics—opt for Adobe PostScript.

● Communicate with precision—produce plans, drawings, and maps with fine line quality, and up to 2400 dpi.


EFFICIENCY—Productive printing for demanding teams


● Stay organized and on task—the integrated 50-page output stacking tray delivers flat, collated prints.

● At this print speed, you can get right back to work—see A1/D-size prints delivered in 21 seconds.

● Print efficiently—parallel file processing with 64 GB virtual memory (based on 1.5 GB RAM).

● You can get print from your mobile device/USB drive with HP t930 plotter; add features with HP AiO Printer Remote


SECURITY—Easily, confidently manage your printer


● T930 plotter print without interruption—91.4-m (300-ft) media roll and Original HP ink cartridges up to 300 ml.

● Safeguard information with security protocols like IPSec, 802.1x, SNMPv3, PIN printing, and other options.

● Easily configure and manage your printer from the comfort of your desk with HP Embedded Web Server.

● Integrates easily with your other office devices—iOS and Android  compatibility with HP Mobile Printing.


Over the past decade, the technology that has been used in wide format plotters have improved to a great extent. Investing in this HP designJet t930 plotter is considered to be a smart move as it will save time and money. The HP DesignJet T930 plotter series is a 36-inch, 6-ink plotter that boosts productivity. HP designJet t930 is best for GIS and CAD applications.The HP inks in DesignJet t930 plotter produce a wide color gamut which is ideal for color graphics. T930 plotter even has the option of opting for Adobe PostScript that makes your architectural prints shine with high-resolution graphics and provides a professional look.

The plotter provides an exact measurement of drawings, plans, mapswith resolution up to 2400 dpi. T930 is known for its efficiency and offers productive printing even during high demand. The A1/D prints are delivered in 21 seconds. You can print from your mobile/USB device with features HP mobile printing and HP Ai0 printer remote in it. With HP Embedded web server, you can easily manage your printer and configure it at the comfort of your desk. The plotter comes with security protocols like IPSec, SNMPv3, 802.1x, PIN printing and other options which help to safeguard the information.

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