HP Latex 1500 Printer

Affordable superwide HP Latex printing.

  • Up to 3.2 m (126 in) roll width

  • Indoor high quality: 45 m²/hr (480 ft²/hr)

  • Robust roll-to-roll design

  • Roll handling up to 160 kg (350 lb)

  • HP 881 5-liter Latex Ink Cartridges

  • Internal print server and Printer status beacon

HP Latex 1500 Printer is affordable super wide 3.2-m (126-inch) HP Latex printing


Fast, productive super wide applications


• Latex 1500 printer print SAV at 45 m2(480 ft2)/hr indoor quality, PVC banner at 74 m2(800 ft2)/hr outdoor quality

• HP 1500 printer deliver vivid textiles quickly—up to 24 m(260 ft2)/hr; optional ink collector kit for porous textiles

• 1500 latex printer automatically print double-sided back lit applications with the optional double sided day night kit

• Cut risk, eliminate delays—prints are dry and scratch resistant immediately after printing


Quality results—with every print


• Get the color and quality you expect with innovative HP technology including OMAS, embedded spectro photo meter

• Match tile edges confidently—advanced features enable HP printheads to deliver color consistency <=2 dE20008

• Maintain quality print after print—with1200 dpi HP Thermal Inkjet printheads and auto nozzle replacement

• Get quality results over the life of the printer with timely, routine HP Print Care preventive maintenance


Cut costs, keep control


• Help reduce your running costs with cost-effective 5-liter HP ink cartridges

• Do quick visual checks—the accessible print zone features LED lighting

• At-a-glance monitoring on a busy production floor with internal print server alerts and status beacon signals

• More unattended printing—a robust roll-to-roll design drives up to 150 m(1600 ft2) PVC banner production


Latex 1500 printer are otherwise known as reasonable super extensive HP latex printing. Always be competitive with this wonderful HP 1500 printer as they are low running costs available with unmatched quality. A new and sophisticated technology is added to the printer known as an internal print server which keeps on checking the job queue to make work much easier and hassle free.

1500 latex printer have a capability to print SAV at 45m2, that is for an indoor quality and PVC banner at 74m2 required for an outdoor quality. It can also deliver on rich fabrics quickly up to 24m/hr and voluntary ink collector kit is available for spongy textiles. This printer included dual-sided day night kit that mechanically prints double-sided backlit as well. Just to eliminate delays, the print is always dry and scratch resistant that comes out immediately after printing. The technology is known as HP print threads designed to match the tile edges positively. With 5 liter HP ink cartridges is a good idea to reduce the running cost, one can also check quality very quickly with featured LED lighting and a robust roll to roll design that drives up for an unattended printing.

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