HP Latex 3100 Printer

Produce a wide range of applications while delivering on short turnaround times.

  • Up to 3.2 m (126 in) roll width

  • HP 881 5-liter Latex Ink Cartridges

  • Roll handling up to 160 kg (350 lb)

  • Indoor high quality: 77 m2/hr (830 ft2/hr)

  • Optional Ink collector

  • LED Proofing Lights and Printer status beacon

HP Latex 3100 Printer respond fast to urgent needs with HP Latex printing up to 3.2 m (126 in)


Offer a diverse range of high-quality applications


• Latex 3100 printer has versatile HP Latex Technology and HP Latex Optimizer deliver high image quality at speed

• 3100 latex printer handle diverse campaign and production needs from high-value indoor to economical outdoor applications

• HP Latex 3100 has superb quality for signage and decoration—wide color gamut, sharp, repeatable quality, 6 colors, 1200 dpi

• Retain media value—HP Latex Inks conform to the media surface, preserving gloss and texture, unlike UV


Handle peaks in production


• Respond to increasingly shorter turnaround times without sacrificing quality—77 m/hr (830 ft2/hr) indoor high quality

• Proof while printing with the LED Proofing Lights for on-printer visual assessment and proofing

• Increase efficiency—Printer Status Beacon enables one person to operate multiple printers effectively

• Confidently increase unattended printing with HP Latex Mobile app for remote production monitoring


Enable higher profitability


• Help reduce maintenance costs—with ramp-up training, HP Print Care preventive maintenance, uptime kits

• Help reduce support and service fees with easy servicing your operator can perform

• Maintain control over your costs and contract commitments by keeping peaks of production in-house

• JDF enabled for integrating production data—for more accurate data analysis, accounting, and cost control


As markets move towards increasingly shorter turnaround times, the ability to meet contract commitments grows high. Latex 3100 printer is designed to meet exactly what the market is looking for. These printers deliver the speed, quality and versatility to meet peaks in production, avoid outsourcing by meeting the contract commitments. 3100 latex printer has the Ink technology combined with high efficient workflow features enables quick response.

HP LATEX 3100 has adaptable HP Latex Technology and HP Latex Optimizer which has the whole accountability to distribute the high image excellence with speed, and this is also been provided to handle various movement for high value indoor and outdoor application. It has 6 colors, 1200 dpi, repeatable class and extensive color range which deliver the expected quality required for signage and adornment. It can supply the work in 77m/hr., without having quality under risk responding to smaller turnaround making it the best choice to run in the market. It consists of printer status beacon that allows functioning of several printers effectively at the same time. This printer helps to meet the client’s deadline by delivering standard quality before time. Without being physically present one can still remotely monitor the production by HP Latex Mobile app.

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