HP Latex 3500 Printer

Efficient high-volume production for standardized workflows and dedicated application production.

  • Up to 3.2 m (126 in) roll width

  • HP 3M 891 10-liter Latex Ink Cartridges

  • Heavy duty roll handling—up to 300 kg (650 lb) and 40 cm (16-in) diameter

  • Dual-roll split spindles

  • HP Latex In-line Slitters

  • LED Proofing Lights and Printer status beacon

HP Latex 3500 Printer has efficient high-volume production for standardized workflows up to 3.2 m (126 in)


High quality at speed


• Latex 3500 printer has versatile HP Latex Technology and HP Latex Optimizer deliver high image quality at speed

• Suppress banding even at high speeds with HP Dynamic Swath Alignment and OMAS technology—3 pass 120 m²/hr (1290 ft²/hr)2

• HP 3500 printer has superb quality for signage and decoration—wide color gamut, sharp, repeatable quality, 6 colors, 1200 dpi

• Retain media value—HP Latex Inks conform to the media surface, preserving gloss and texture, unlike UV


Drive a new level of highly efficient production


• 3500 latex printer increase production capacity with heavy-duty rolls and 10-liter ink supplies, ideal for overnight printing

• Achieve quicker turnaround times—HP Latex In-line Slitters reduce bottlenecks in finishing

• Proof while printing with the LED Proofing Lights for on-printer visual assessment and proofing

• Highly unattended operation—Printer Status Beacon, HP Latex Mobile app work together for remote monitoring


Help drive down costs


• Reduce material costs—economies of scale help reduce the cost per square meter

• Reduce waste—fewer roll changes help cut media waste

• Single operator roll change with dual-roll split spindles

• JDF enabled for integrating production data—for more accurate data analysis, accounting, and cost control


Latex 3500 printer is considerate for a new level of competence and working environment for the most demanding sectors of industry, bringing a new material handling and technological innovation designed for high volume standardized workflows, making it ideal for dedicated application production.

With the use of HP Latex Technology and HP latex Optimizer in 3500 latex printer makes to deliver the supreme quality which one always needs with an attractive speed. It will habitually overwhelm the branding even when the printer is running at a high speed possible with HP Dynamic Swath Alignment 12m2/hr. The reputed HP Latex Ink ensures that the media surface should have a preserving gloss and texture in the same method how UV does. HP 3500 printer has built with dense rolls with 10-liter Ink stored in it, which is actually an ideal for instantaneous printing. One can complete proofing while it is getting printed with an attractive facility for LED proofing light. As the machine comes with all the features added in one, it automatically reduces the material costs with an add-on a facility that can help in reducing waste, as the work that involves for roll changes get condensed and has double roll divided bar.

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