HP Latex 375 Printer

Increase unattended printing at a lower cost of operation.

  • Indoor quality: 17 m²/hr (183 ft²/hr)

  • Up to 1.63 m (64 in) roll width

  • HP 871 3-liter Ink Cartridges

  • Create custom ICC profiles with the i1 embedded spectrophotometer¹

  • Double-sided printing² and Ink collector³

  • Online operator training

HP latex 375 printer is more unattended printing—up to 1.63 m (64 in)—at lower cost of operation


Expand your applications—beat client expectations


• Get higher margins printing on traditional signage substrates and beyond—even textiles3—up to 1.63 m (64 in)

• Reach new indoor spaces that solvent can’t, like healthcare—water-based HP Latex Ink prints are odorless

• Enjoy efficient, automated double-sided banner printing with latex 375 printer

• HP 375 printer produce sharp, consistent, repeatable image quality with high-efficiency curing, 6 colors, and 1200 dpi


Same day delivery with more unattended production


• High quality at high speeds—31 m2(334 ft2)/hr high-speed outdoor quality with HP OMAS, HP Latex Optimizer

• HP latex 375 increase unattended printing with confidence—change 3-liter HP Latex Ink cartridges while the printer runs

• Reach production speeds and avoid wait time—prints come out completely dry and ready to finish and deliver

• You can minimize damage risk with latex 375 —scratch resistance is comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banner


Keep running costs low with 3-liter ink cartridges


• Help reduce your cost per print with cost-effective, 3-liter HP 871 Latex Ink Cartridges

• 375 latex printer reduce time—HP Custom Substrate Profiling and i1 embedded spectro photo meter make ICC profiling automatic

• Maintain high image quality over the life of the printer with user-replaceable HP Thermal Inkjet printheads

• Monitor your printer remotely with the free HP Latex Mobile app


Betterment lies in improving business. HP Latex helps in keeping consecutively costs small; thanks to 3- liter ink cartridges and unstoppable printing. The latex 375 printer proposal higher limits production on old signage substrates and beyond- even fabrics. Avoid dry time for same day delivery.

HP 375 printer has awell-organized and mechanical double-sided banner printing with a sharp, reliable, repeatable, image quality with high efficiency curing 6 colors and that hold 1200 dpi. It delivers high quality with an unimaginable speed of 31m2/hr for outdoor service with HP OMAS, HP Latex Optimizer. HP latex 375 has 3 liter HP Latex Ink cartridges which delivers the prints without any hassle. The amazing part is the print which comes out is completely dry and ready to deliver to the customer, so it is totally a time hoarder considering the best quality found ever. 375 latex printer can reduce the risk of damages as this is intelligently designed as a scratch resistance which is similar to hard flush inks on SAV and PVC banner. With HP Thermal Inkjet print heads it is very easy to maintain high quality over the life of the printer. Business owners can also supervise using a mobile app which makes work much easier.


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