HP PageWide XL 4000 Printer series⁵

Do the work of two printers with one—at a lower cost than LED.⁶

  • Up to 8 D/A1 pages/minute monochrome and color

  • Quick 30-second first page out

  • Available multifunction device with integrated 1200 dpi scanner or printer

  • Up to 4 rolls with 100-page top stacker

  • Fade- and moisture-resistant prints with HP PageWide XL pigment ink³

  • PIN printing, self-encrypting HDD with AES-256, Secure Disk Erase and IPSec

HP PageWide XL 4000 Printer series⁵ do the work of two printers with one—faster and lower cost than LED


FASTER – Monochrome and color, faster than LED


• PageWide XL 4000 printer series⁵ move projects forward with up to 8 A1/D pgs/min monochrome and color, quick 30-second first page out

• PageWide XL 4000 printer print, scan, copy in a single device—integrated 1200 dpi scanner with advanced and convenient workflows

• Consolidate—a single, easy-to-use device for all your monochrome and color printing/scanning needs

• Focus on your project, not the printer—up to 4 rolls with 100-page integrated top stacker


SAVE – Better document quality vs LED, lower cost


• 4000 PageWide XL printer run at lower costs than low-volume LED—in monochrome and color

• Produce excellent technical documents—crisp lines, fine detail, smooth grayscales that beat LED

• HP PageWide XL printer pigment ink for dark blacks, vivid colors, moisture/fade resistance—even on uncoated bond

• 4000 printer series⁵ use half the energy per page compared to equivalent LED printers


SECURE – Help keep data safe, meet IT standards


• Get a range of strict security features—self-encrypting HDD, Secure Disk Erase, IPSec, and PIN printing

• Reduce time and costs of managing individual drivers by using HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver

• Control your printer fleet with HP Web Jetadmin, monitor your device remotely with the HP Embedded Web Server

• Streamline your print workflow with HP SmartStream software, print easily with HP Click submission tool


PageWide XL 4000 printer series can be established to raise your on- job efficiency. One will get not only a consolidated monochrome and color printing but scanning which are very much required for enterprises today. The speed that the printer carries always allows concentrating on fast-moving projects, but this is for sure that with this printer your investment will be reduced and profit will climb.

PageWide XL 4000 printer has been noted for quick 30- second first page print out which can also deliver 8 A1/D pages/per minute colorless and color. Great time consumption with this 3 in 1 device one can print, scan and copy as it has 1200 dpi with progressive and suitable workflows. 4000 PageWide XL printer has 4 rolls of 100-pages combined top stacker. HP PageWide XL printer has an excellent technical design for documents so that it can completely take care of crisp lines and very fine details with flat gray scales that can shatter LED. 4000 printer series pigment ink can be used for dark black or vivid colors and moisture/ fade resistance. It is a combined package for time and money reduction with a good range of secured features that are self- encoding, secure disk erase with PIN printing.

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